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VorTech Water Solutions

John Geoghegan, VorTech Water Solutions


VorTech Water Solutions put a new low energy ‘spin’ on the way we treat water.

VorTech Water Solutions, a forthcoming spin-out company from NUI Galway, specialises in providing energy efficient water and wastewater products together with high-value services to maximise water treatment performance for the lowest energy cost. At a high level, the water and wastewater industry is known to account for up to 4% of a developed nations’ total electricity bill which is equivalent to the electricity required by other sizeable sectors such as transport and agriculture/forestry. This is largely due to inefficient, energy hungry, technology and processes which have been in place for decades and are now at the end of their lifespan.

With extensive expertise in fluid dynamics, energy systems, wastewater process and control, energy finance and commercialisation, VorTech Water Solutions have developed a novel cyclonic method of mixing air and water to solve energy intensity in the aeration process of wastewater treatment and aquaculture; a global market that is worth at least $8.4 billion annually. With their system, the team can treat wastewater for up to half the cost of traditional aeration methods. This type of proposition has massive value in the modern-day water industry which has come under considerable strain internationally in recent years due to rapid population growth and urbanisation, increased regulation and rising energy costs.

The VorTech project at NUI Galway is funded by the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund and the team consists of lead inventor Dr Sean Mulligan, Enterprise Ireland Business Partner John Geoghegan, senior lecturer Dr Eoghan Clifford, product design engineer Alan Carty and process control scientist and PhD candidate Peter Leonard. Following over 8 months of VPA operational time banked at a pilot municipal treatment plant in Galway, VorTech are now ready to deliver their technology to the market. The VorTech team will spin-out a company from NUI Galway in mid-2019 with a focus on scaling up and rolling out the technologies and services to the global water and wastewater treatment market.

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