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Venari Medical

Nigel Phelan, Venari Medical


Venari Medical is developing a unique medical device to treat patients with chronic venous disease by utilising the body’s natural healing response.

Venari Medical was co-founded by BioInnovate 2017 Fellows Stephen Cox, Sean Cummins and Dr. Nigel Phelan and is currently based in NUI Galway supported by an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund.

Venari Medical is developing a less invasive, more effective medical device to treat chronic venous disease, a highly prevalent condition which affects up to 120 million patients across the US and Europe. Venous disease is caused when veins fail to circulate blood effectively which then pools in the legs. Initial symptoms include painful enlarged varicose veins and progress to aching swollen legs, skin breakdown and ulceration. This is a progressive condition with 5% of patients experiencing worsening symptoms each year. Venous disease is the cause of 80% of all leg ulcers and recent clinical evidence has proven that early treatment to close off the diseased vein leads to faster ulcer healing. This shift in treatment practices will offer a breakthrough for patients who currently undergo regular painful wound dressings and bring significant cost savings to healthcare systems which currently spend 2.5% of the total healthcare budget treating chronic venous disease.

Based on pioneering research into vein wall biological processes, Venari Medical are developing BioVena™, the first pain free and effective treatment for venous disease which utilises the body’s natural healing response to close diseased veins. This proprietary technology has significant potential to disrupt current treatments which require chemical or heat induced burning of the vein adding excessive risk and pain to the procedure. The BioVena™ device has demonstrated strong safety and efficacy results in pre-clinical studies. Venari Medical is currently fundraising to support its clinical development including a First-in-Human trial in 2020 and subsequent US and European regulatory approval in 2021. This will allow commercialisation of the device in well-established US and European markets with existing reimbursement.

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