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Starling Surgical

Travis Davis, Starling Surgical


Starling Surgical is developing The QuickStitch, a wound closure device as rapid to use as a skin stapler with the clinical advantages of meticulous sutures.

Starling Surgical is a spin-out company from TCD that is developing a device that will provide superior results to meticulously performed surgical sutures, and at the speed and convenience of a skin stapler. It is the only device that can close wounds as fast as a skin stapler but with all the clinical benefits of meticulous sutures. Operative wounds closed with the QuickStitch will have superior cosmetic results and lower infection rates as well as benefitting from the operative time savings and ease of use. The end users will be surgeons and other operating room staff. But the device will need to be purchased by purchasing departments in hospitals and hospital groups.

Almost 1 million operations occur every day. These all leave a wound that is either closed with sutures or staples. Sutures yield superior clinical results but are slow, which has a financial cost to the healthcare system and also a clinical cost to the patient undergoing a longer surgery. To save time, surgeons often use skin staples; while these are fast and can save up to 30 mins on an operation, they have worse cosmetic results, double the infection risk and increased pain.

The wound closure market has remained relatively unchanged for decades, predominantly with small incremental improvements to sutures and staples. The QuickStitch will be the first secure way of closing a wound, which has the potential of fully disrupting a multi-billion dollar market.

The company was co-founded by Cyrus Doctor and Travis Davis, who are CEO and CTO respectively. Cyrus is a BioInnovate Fellow who was a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon for 11 years in the UK. After completing the BioInnovate Fellowship he spent some time working as a consultant for Boston Scientific before focusing fulltime on this clinical need.

Travis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with 5+ years of experience at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center as an award-winning Liquid Propulsion Research and Test Engineer. He specialized in utilizing metal, polymer and resin additive manufacturing while at NASA and holds NASA patents in that field. After being chosen as a George J. Mitchell Scholar, he earned a Master of Science degree in Bio-Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, with a focus on Medical Device Design. When he became aware of the QuickStitch project he felt so passionately about it that he quit his job at NASA and moved to Dublin to join the EI Commercialisation fund project team and lead the technical development of the device.

In April, Starling Surgical won a prestigious international investment pitch event with MedTech Innovator at the MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit in Dublin.

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