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Garrett O'Donnell, iSentioLabs


iSentioLabs - making mechanical components, machines and structures smart

iSentioLabs has developed an innovative and market-disruptive sensor solution that can monitor the performance of mechanical components in a range of applications. iSentioLabs core technology is based on a patent-pending technology which uses wireless passive strain sensors. This “SMART” sensing technology provides solutions for industries on their journey towards digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

The technology has initially been developed for advanced manufacturing processes where there is an opportunity to capitalise on the emerging trend towards digitisation, automation and Industry 4.0 in pursuit of increased competitiveness. Further, iSentioLabs have significant domain expertise and strong industry links in this area. The specific manufacturing processes targeted are machining processes used to manufacture quality-critical mechanical components, where the market for cutting tools used in machining processes is approximately €17 billion. These machining processes and cutting tools are used in the milling and turning processes used to manufacture aeronautical components or medical prosthesis such as hip joints. iSentioLabs cutting tools are instrumented with a sensor which allow ‘in-process’ measurement of the cutting forces experienced during the machining operation. The data from this SMART tooling solution can be used to optimise tooling consumable usage and costs, automate process supervision and labour cost, reduce process cycle times and reduce scrap rates. The iSentioLabs solution disrupts the status-quo by making standard tools into SMART tools, and readily displaces competitors’ solutions that either require power on the sensor side or are less sensitive to the process.

Similar opportunities for the application of iSentioLabs technology exist in mining, energy, and structural health monitoring.

The iSentioLabs technology has been developed at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) by the research group led by Dr Garret O’Donnell, and was supported by funding from the Commercialisation Fund in Enterprise Ireland.

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