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e-Seed Crop Technology Solutions Limited

Sean Daly, eSeed Crop Technology Solutions Limited


e-Seed Crop Technology Solutions Limited - providing microbial based solutions to agriculture.

The company e-Seed has been established by Dr Brian Murphy, Professor Trevor Hodkinson and Professor Fiona Doohan, researchers at Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, supported by Mr. Sean Daly MBS for the commercialisation of the technology. e-Seed was established to exploit the development of a set of patented plant microorganisms that have proven to be of great benefit for increasing crop yields. The e-Seed team have validated the efficacy of the technology in field trials carried out over the last four years.

The company produces natural microbial treatments that are applied directly to seeds resulting in increased yields and returns to growers, with the added benefit of maintaining yields when fertiliser application rates are reduced. In a world focused on sustainability, reductions in chemical use, and an increased understanding of the impacts of mass food production, e-Seed offers solutions mined from nature.

The ‘e’ stands for endophytes, microorganisms that live within plant tissue, sourced from wild crop relatives growing naturally in Ireland and elsewhere that are novel and have not been previously characterised.

The company has developed an endophyte discovery platform for screening and isolation of strains from wild crop relatives, enhanced by delivery mechanisms and scale-up production know-how. It is supported by progression from glasshouse to field trial testing and validation. The initial portfolio of two lead patents is further strengthened by a library of product isolates, delivered by the discovery platform.

The e-Seed product is a coating that can be applied to potentially any agricultural crop via standard seed dressing equipment as used by seed suppliers, prior to distribution to growers. The application of the product to seeds works by enriching the natural beneficial microbiome within the growing crop plants, improving the uptake of available nutrients and enabling greater soil utilisation. The product is relatively cheap to produce and easy to apply.

Web: Dr Brian Murphy, TCD
Web: Research groups - TCD

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